Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Anthem proposed rates for inside and outside exchange filed

Yesterday, Anthem’s proposed 2014 rates were posted on the insurance department’s website. Proposed base rates (costs for an average 21 year old in an average plan before adjustment for age, geography and benefit plan) average $296.49 and $440.30 per month for individuals and small businesses respectively. Rates reflect an 8.6% increase over 2013. These averages are for products inside and outside the exchange. Consumers will compare these rates with those proposed by HealthyCT, ConnectiCare and Aetna at $427, $397 and $364 per month for individuals. It is not clear that these numbers compare apples to apples.


  1. There are 4 health insurance companies who have submitted health plans and rates so far to Access health CT. More information on CT Health Exchange Rates here

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