Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Still waiting for insurance exchange rates, UnitedHealthcare is out

Rate proposals by insurers planning to participate in CT’s health insurance exchange were due to the Insurance Dept. last Tuesday, but none have been filed according to the Hartford Courant. However HealthyCT says they filed with the department on Friday. The exchange is blaming federal regulations and delays. UnitedHealthcare notified the exchange last week that they will not be participating in the exchange, leaving Anthem, Aetna, HealthyCT, and ConnectiCare. Insurer rates have been eagerly anticipated by advocates and others hoping for affordable premiums. Concerns about rate shock have been heightened by 25% increases in rates submitted to Maryland’s exchange. Several options are available to the exchange and state policymakers to keep premiums affordable, but some require legislative action. The legislative session ends in four weeks.

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