Thursday, September 6, 2012

Insurance Company Shenanigans – Part 2

If you live in CT and are insured through Golden Rule, now also known as United Healthcare’s United HealthOne; you should read the State of Connecticut’s Insurance Department notice # 509542, dated 8/17/2012. They filed a rate increase of 9.9% which the State of Connecticut cannot deny; since they filed it saying they will reimburse policy owners if they don’t spend 80 cents of every dollar on medical expenses. Let me interpret for you; according to the State of Connecticut, they are charging 3.3% more than they should be charging. Basically, on average, they are charging and collecting $380 more per year next year than this year; or by the State’s estimate $125 more per year than they should be charging you! Doesn’t sound like much, but consider this: you are financing the operations of a company that paid its CEO over $50 million in salary and benefits just a couple of years ago! Is this fair? Consider that $125 is the average, and that people with family plans are overpaying by far more than $125 per year to finance this $100 billion dollar corporation. Tony Pinto

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