Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CT Insurance Exchange seeks comment – sort of

Criticized for spending too much time in secret executive session and insurance industry dominance, the CT Insurance Exchange is finally seeking public comment – sort of. They commissioned a report from Mercer to serve as the foundation for policy decisions in designing the exchange. The report covers a multitude of areas – CT’s insurance market, products currently offered to individuals and small businesses, and demographics and income profile of CT’s uninsured to name a few. The report is 408 pages. The Exchange is soliciting public comment. But you have only a week to read and digest it, do the research to identify gaps and biases, and submit comments which are limited to three pages. There is no commitment or even a discussion of how (or whether) our hard work in commenting will be used or even read.
If this is what passes for public stakeholder input, the Exchange is out of touch.
Update – The comment period has been extended to just under two weeks.
Ellen Andrews

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