Sunday, December 11, 2011

More questions raised about insurance company rep.s on exchange board

An article in today’s CT Post raises the question of whether the administration and legislators are unable or unwilling to address widespread concerns about the make-up of the CT Health Insurance Exchange Board. The Board includes three former insurance executives, despite legislation that excludes anyone “affiliated” with insurers. The Board also has no voting consumer representatives; federal regulation states that the majority of voting members should represent consumers. Lt. Gov. Wyman, chair of the Exchange Board, defends the membership and claims that it requires legislative action to add consumer representatives. Other officials however state that consumer advocates could be added by executive order. It has been commonplace for years for non-appointed stakeholders to join the discussion on similar boards, councils and commissions at the discretion of the Chair. Engaging consumer advocates in the conversation would add a critical perspective, tap expertise that is essential to a successful exchange, help re-build public trust in the process, and might calm concerns by insurers and the administration about consumer involvement.

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